Different Types of Pizza Around the World

Different Types of Pizza Around the World

Different Types of Pizza Around the World

It’s safe to say that the majority of people love pizza! Invented by Raffele Esposito, the word pizza meant ‘pie’ in Italian. This is why in some countries pizza is actually called pie, or even pizza pie. Regardless of its origin and meaning, the taste of pizza is what people really care about! Pizza comes in many different forms. Over the years, various countries have created their own unique versions of pizza. Here are a few of the highlights!


The Neopolitan pizza, originating in Italy, is what people think of as the original pizza. Most pizza is based around this style; rounded crust with a tomato paste and toppings of various kinds. Usually the Neopolitan is coated with cheese, either above or below the toppings. Regardless of its originality, this pizza is delicious in its many forms!


Langos was invented in Hungary and as the country name indicates, this pizza style will cure your hunger! Instead of regular pizza dough, this pizza uses a deep fried flatbread, topped with sour cream, meat, and garlic butter. The combination of foods is quite simple but very heavy on the stomach, leaving you no room for more even though it is quite small! This pizza is most often sold as street food both in Hungary and the neighbouring countries.

New York Style

I’m sure you can guess where this pizza is from; if you guessed New York, then congratulations! You’re very observant! The New York style pizza is similar to the Neopolitan pizza from Italy. The main differences are the thinner crust and the topping choices. Instead of a multitude of toppings with cheese to finish it off, the New York style pizza has cheese underneath with peperoni on top. Simple, but fantastic!

Deep Dish Pizza

First made in Chicago, the deep dish pizza is like a regular pizza, except that it’s about three to four inches tall! The inside of the several inch crust is a thick layer of tomato sauce with multiple layers of toppings and cheeses. This pizza is best shared and is not for the faint of digestive systems!


You’ve probably guessed that this pizza is from Japan and you would be correct! This pizza is quite small and used more as a snack than a full on meal. The most common toppings for this pizza are cabbage, pork, noodles, and squid! Once these toppings are baked on top of the batter, an egg is cracked over the top and some okonomiyaki sauce is drizzled on top. It may sound strange to some people, but this meal is incredibly popular in Japan!

Scallion Pancake

The Chinese Scallion pancake does not resemble what you would expect a pizza to look like. In essence, this food is flat bread with either pork or vegetables inside it. The flat bread is rolled first off; then the insides are added and rolled into the middle of the dough. After this, the Scallion pancake is fried on each side for a few minutes until nice and crispy. It may not seem like a pizza to you and me, but to the Chinese, this delicacy is the best pizza on the planet!

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