Finding the Best Fitness Tracking Diet App for Weight Loss

Finding the Best Fitness Tracking Diet App for Weight Loss

Exercising and staying in shape is the best way to prevent possible diseases, reduce cholesterol, increase your aerobic capacity or define your muscles. With the help of a mobile phone or a tablet and an application you can achieve an enviable physical condition without leaving your home . Next, you have a list where we have selected the 9 best fitness and training apps for mobile devices in the Android ecosystem.




Sworkit wants to be your personal trainer but without having to go to a gym. Ideal for those times of hard work in which you do not have time for almost nothing . Whether you are a demanding person or have an injury of any kind, you can create your own personalized exercise routines from among the more than 160 exercises available .


With Sworkit you can choose the part of your body you want to work with: upper body, lower body, torso, abdominals, glutes, back, legs, etc. In addition, it has exercise routines for cardio, stretching, pilates and yoga. This app is free but there is a PRO versionof the same that saves and creates various routines of personalized exercises, has intervals to suit you, history of routines and synchronizes with MyFitnessPal .




NexTrack is an application that will good weight loss options to make you lose weight in a fun way . This kind of game uses rankings, badges or decorations and other rewards each time you complete an exercise. The key to this app is that it tries to keep you motivated so that you perform different physical activities through what is known as gamification . An excellent fitness app for lazy people. The focus of Nextrack is very different from the other applications of this type . It is free with option to integrated purchases.


Google Fit


Google Fit is the new application recently launched by the Internet giant based in Mountain View, which allows you to make a thorough monitoring of your activity and gives you full access to all your data related to physical exercise. With Google Fit installed on your smartphone you can set goals based on the duration or count of steps and check your progress daily. In addition, you can receive recommendations of activity objectives based on your performance . It is an app for fitness something more minimalist than the rest of its competitors, since it has been one of the last to arrive. Unlike other apps of this type you do not have integrated purchases.




Many of the sports applications for Android try to take direct control of your life, through permits, in order to help you stay in shape. FitNotes acts contrary to the rest of fitness apps. It is a free application, free of advertising , which contains a large database with numerous exercises to help you classify your workouts correctly, includes a training log so you can track what you are doing and have the option to create routines and personalized exercises. This app is a ‘must’ if you go to the gym or like to practice fitness on your own.




This popular app aims to be an all-in-one solution. It allows to personalize the trainings, to visualize videos on how to do the exercises and to follow the trainings. The Premium version includes videos in HD format of the exercises , access to personalized training programs, weekly challenges, and more features. This application is worth running, practicing yoga, rock climbing, losing weight or to define arms, abs and glutes. Especially indicated for those people who enjoy Tabatas , high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and also CrossFit, the training that causes rage among celebrities . Free but has integrated purchases.





JEFIT pretends to be your personal pocket trainer so you can practice fitness exercises and your lifestyle is healthier. It hosts an extensive database with more than 1,300 exercises with descriptions and animations on how to execute them. It includes the option of creating personalized routines and daily training plans, statistical monitoring and the possibility of adding friends and interacting with the community to increase your motivation. An app highly valued by its users both in its free version and in the Pro whose price is 3.93?.




Practicing sports is a very healthy habit and also helps to be in shape, but you will not get very far if you do not maintain a balanced diet. MyFitnessPal is the most popular calorie counter for Android , among other things due to its speed and easy handling. It houses a database with more than 3,000,000 meals, more than 350 exercises and the entry of meals is very simple. Calculator of recipes, personalized objectives and reports with graphics, are just some of its many features. Lose weight with MyFitnessPal. This app is free but has in-app purchases




Create your Nike + profile, add friends and train when you want, where you want and whoever you want. This app contains a huge amount of features that make it really useful to progress in your training. It has more than 100 exercises in video format that you can play through Chromecast or an HDMI cable on your television. Get fit and tone up with Nike + Training Club . You only need to download the workouts you want and then customize them and choose the most suitable exercises for you. The Nike + Training Club app allows you to consult all your results and share your training. Get the free app on Google Play.




Endomondo is considered one of the best fitness apps in the Android ecosystem . Whether you practice running , ride a bicycle, paddle in a canoe or practice any other exercise, with this application you can monitor your physical condition and performance at any time. Store your routes, record your statistics and share your workouts with friends and family. This app records the duration, distance, speed and calorie consumption of any outdoor sports activity. In addition, it offers audio information at regular intervals . It has two versions: one free with payments integrated into the app and another version called Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO whose price is 4.99?.


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