Do you say that the queen of the day will be you and no one else! Everything must be perfect: your wedding dress, your wedding hairstyle and of course, your wedding make-up. You would not want to spoil it because of a badly applied mascara, a lipstick too pronounced or an overloaded makeup? To ensure your beauty is as elegant as it is durable, Cosmo reveals the 10 things to avoid to ruin your bridal makeup. Weight loss wedding Fleet


For a perfect bridal complexion, what to avoid …

Do not prepare your skin upstream

Between the organization of the wedding and the pollution, your skin is torn, dull and dehydrated. To avoid having a pale complexion on the day, remember to make masks regularly, to put moisturizer and if necessary make a peel.


Advice, do not take it at the last minute, take care of your skin is a long-term job and most importantly, do not scrub the day before your wedding. If you are afraid of doing something stupid, ask your dermatologist or beautician for advice.


Overloaded makeup

On your wedding day, you want to look like a princess, not a stolen truck. Favor the “nude” hues for a natural and elegant effect. Whether on your complexion, your lips or your eyes, opt for simplicity.


The advantage of a harmonious and discreet makeup is that in a few years, when you look at your wedding photos, you will recognize yourself and you will not feel embarrassed.


So a tip, before you crack for a garnet red mouth and smoky eyes, check that your makeup is well balanced.


Do not focus solely on your tastes, you must also think about the wedding dress and your hairstyle (not to mention your future husband). Everything is a question of coordination!


Mismatching his loose powder

The loose powder is essential to have a mattified complexion and well fixed. In contrast, loose powder poorly dosed + photos = big disaster.


The too much loose powder can give a plaster mask appearance to your face and behind the lens, you no longer look like a princess.


Forgetting his makeup fixative

You must have miracle beauty products in your vanity: the extreme foundation (the one that covers all your imperfections), the semi-permanent nail polish, the moisturizing lipstick …


Among them, you absolutely must have a make-up fixer. The principle is simple, once you have finished your beauty, you spray a little fixer and you are ready for the day.



Abuse self-tanner

If you find that you have a too pale complexion, do some UV, but do not apply self-tanning yourself. Generally, you do not know how to apply it without putting too much or making streaks and you end up looking like the Oasis orange.


Your husband does not recognize you at the altar and has only one desire, to move the date of the wedding.


Tip, if you prefer to avoid UV, do self-tanning showers. The result is uniform, discreet and gives you a good-looking effect.


Bridal makeup eyes: to avoid on your pretty mirettes

Make a final touch-up eyebrow

Do not take the risk of improvising beautician. Tweezers misplaced and you are ready to replace Pascal Obispo. Make an appointment with your beautician or a professional eyebrow bar a week before your wedding and most importantly, do not touch your eyes until D-day.


Skip a waterproof mascara and eyeliner

Who says marriage, says tears (of joy) and that’s why we must not forget to have a waterproof eye makeup.


Imagine a little: you have a perfect makeup, a complexion of porcelain and suddenly you realize that you have eyes of pandas after crying 15 minutes when saying “yes” (the horror). Outside of tears, it is essential to have a waterproof makeup to hold all night on the dance floor.



Bet on a smoky eyes

Just like flowing mascara, smoky eyes are not welcome at your wedding. Think of a light make-up and if you really want some color, ask your makeup artist to put on a slightly iridescent eyeshadow.


Unless this is the theme of your wedding, you would not want to look like a rock star on D-Day? So unless you marry the Kiss singer, really zap the smoky eyes!


Forgetting to take a retouching kit

This is the nightmare of all brides. By dint of kissing all your guests, your makeup fades and you start to shine on all sides.


Take a small kit with some essentials: blush, lipstick, mascara. Ask a friend or bridesmaid to help you with the editing.


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